KIOSK - Self Service Banking

You can enjoy following services:

Statement Printing

Account balance viewing

Mini statement Printing

Cheque deposit

Cheque  Requisition

Cheque  Stop

The above services 1,2,3 & 6 can be performed through dual authentication viz a' viz VISA card and unique customer code i.e. your date of birth..


Procedure for Statement Printing

Select Language - English

Select menu - Account Information

Insert your card

Insert your Date of Birth (DOB) in ddmmyy format (for e.g. 15/01/05 for date of birth having in 15 January 2005)

Select the required options (like Mini Statement, Available Balance, Statement Printing)

Note: The DOB should be as per the banks record provided during account opening. You can also convert the date from English to Nepali and vice-versa in KIOSK.


Procedure for Cheque deposit

Select Language - English

Select menu - Cheque Deposit

Type Account Number & Account Name appears on the screen

Cheque Amount and enter

Type the mobile number

 Verify the information before proceeding and if correct

Select Scan option and insert the cheque

Repeat the same process (iii to v) if further cheques to be deposited else enter option "No"


KIOSK prints scan copy of cheque as a receipt for your record

General Information

Select below icons on screen of KIOSK to get detail information about product/services and Branch/ATM location.

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ATM Location

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Exchange rate

For more detail contact Card Hotline - 977 -14443901 (7:00 AM to 11:00 PM)

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