Micro Enterprises

Sanima Micro Enterprises Loan supports the financial need in a simplified way to our valued customers for enhancing their existing business and even for starting a new small business.

Sanima Micro Enterprises Loan is available for

a. To enterprises for expansion of existing business or to establish new business.

 b. To people to start new enterprise and expand existing one

Examples of such enterprises/business could be any of the followings:

a.    Agriculture (vegetable farming etc.)

b.    Hosiery/Embroidery/Tailoring

c.    Beauty Parlor

d.    Grocery shops

e.    Cold Store/ tea Shops

f.     Hardware Shop

g.    Electric & Electronic shops

h.    Garage / Repair Shops

i.      Readymade stores

j.      Tailoring/ Boutique/ Fancy Shop

k.    Skill development training center/ Tuition centre

l.      Restaurant

m.   Handicrafts

n.    Bakery Shops

o.    Others

Above lists are indicative only and not the exhaustive one.


Key features of Sanima Micro Enterprises Loan

·         Types of Loans: Sanima Women Entrepreneur Loan (SWEL) and Sanima Micro Entrepreneur Loan

·         Tenure: 2 to 5 years

·         Service Charge: 1% of approved loan limit

·         Security: Land and Building

·         Financing:

o   Sanima Women Entrepreneur Loan

§  NPR 100,000 to NPR 400,000

o   Sanima Micro Entrepreneur Loan

§  NPR 100,000 to NPR 300,000

SMEL Eligibility

a.    The applicant/proprietor must be a Nepalese Citizen

b.    Age Above 18 years and below 60 years

c.    The enterprise can be registered after limit has been sanctioned but before disbursement of loan.

d.    For SWEL: Applicant/ Proprietor must be women.



SMEL - Documents Required

Documents Required



Photocopy of Citizenship certificate of borrower/ personal guarantor

2 copies of passport size photographs of related individuals

Financial statements


Income documents such as rental agreement, salary certificate


Firm registration documents

Documents related to security (land and/or building)


Required by the bank on case to case basis


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