USD/FCY Account

Those individuals and companies who earns in dollars can open USD Account:
Current / Savings / Fixed Deposit Accounts can be maintained in US Dollars. Accounts in other FCY shall be available on request.
FCY Savings Account may be opened as amount USD 10/- or convertible foreign currency equivalent to USD10.
Fixed deposit can be opened with minimum USD 2,000/-
Interest rate on fixed deposit is negotiable based on its volume and tenure.
Free Inward Remittance
Free ABBS 
Internet & SMS Banking
25% Discount in Safe Deposit Locker Charge
50% discount in Home and Auto Loan Processing Fee
Free Cheque Book
Online Banking
SMS/Mobile Banking
Availability of Overdraft Facility in NPR
  Nepalese nationals residing, working and earning in abroad.
  Nepalese nationals residing, working and earning in Nepal in terms of foreign currency.
  Eligible NGOs /INGOs to operate FCY Account as per the directives of NRB.
  Foreign nationals residing and working in Nepal. (All the prospective customers who can open an FCY Account as per the guidelines/ directives of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).
Required documents for deposits:
   For personal accounts:
Citizenship Certificate or Passport
2 PP size photos 
Photocopy of the agreement with the employer and / or FCY-Income Letter
For Sole Proprietorship: 
Registration Certificate
Citizenship Certificated Proprietor
2 PP size photos
Tax Certificate
For Partnership Account: 
Partnership Deed
Firm Registration Certificate
Citizenship Certificate of Partners
2 PP size photos of partners
Tax Certificate
For Limited Company Account: 
Registration Certificate
Tax Certificate
Memorandum & Articles of Association
Name, Address of directors & Office Bearers of the Limited Company with copy Citizenship Certificate
Name & Signatures of the Persons Authorized to Operate an account
Operation Commencement Certificate (for Public Ltd. Co.)
Resolution of Board of Directors regarding opening & conduct of an account
For Club, Society & Association : 
Registration Certificate
List of Office Bearers
Resolution Regarding Opening & Conduct of Account
Name & Signature of the persons authorized to operate the account




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