Commercial vehicle Loan

With Sanima Commercial Vehicle Loans we support our valued customers to be a transport entrepreneur. Select the vehicle of your choice & expertise; we are here for your financial support.

Facility is available for:

-    Heavy Commercial vehicle

-    Light Commercial vehicle

-    Vehicles for public commute


Loan Features:

-    Tenure: Maximum of 4 years

-    Service Charge: 1% on approved loan limit

-    Financing: Maximum up to NPR 10 million           


Loan Eligibility Criteria:

-    Transport operators having experience in related line of business


Documentary Requirement:

-    Citizenship certificate

-    Passport size photographs

-    Quotation of vehicle

-    Bank account statement for at least 3 – 6 months’ time

-    Rental agreement (if any) with an identification of tenant

-    Copy of blue book of existing vehicle in operation along with route permit

-    Firm/Company Registration, PAN, Article & Memorandum of Association, P/L statement and Balance Sheet of firm/company (in case of business income)

-    Valid passport/visa, work permit, employment/salary certification from the employer, recent pay slip/bank account statement etc in case of

     foreign employment

-    Personal PAN card is required if loan amount is NPR 10 million and above



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