Auto Loan

Drive home your dream car with Sanima Auto Loans. With dedicated personalized service, easy and prompt processing, quick loan approval and competitive pricing we make it possible for our valued customers to select and own wide range of private vehicles very conveniently.
Facility is available for:
-    Purchase of brand new vehicle
-    Purchase of used vehicle
Loan Features:
-    Tenure: Maximum of 7 years for brand new vehicle and 5 years for used vehicle
-    Service Charge: 1% on approved loan limit
-    Financing: Maximum up to NPR 5 million           
Loan Eligibility Criteria:
-    Working Professionals
-    Salaried Individuals
-    Self-Employed Individuals
Documentary Requirement:
 -    Citizenship certificate
 -    Passport size photographs
 -    Quotation of vehicle
 -    Bank account statement for at least 3 – 6 months’ time 
 -    Recent Salary Certificate
 -    Rental agreement (if any) with an identification of tenant
 -    Copy of blue book of vehicle (in case of vehicle income)
 -    Firm/Company Registration, PAN, Article & Memorandum of Association, P/L statement and Balance Sheet of firm/company (in case of business income)
 -    Valid passport/visa, work permit, employment/salary certification from the employer, recent pay slip/bank account statement etc in case of foreign employment
 -    Personal PAN card is required if loan amount is NPR 10 million and above



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