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Sanima Mobile Banking

Please click on the link to login Sanima sajilo e-Banking.

Sanima Mobile Banking

Sanima Mobile Banking also known as Sanima Sajilo e-Banking is an omni version of Mobile Banking Service where customer can login through mobile application or web system. This mobile banking service includes transaction alerts, fund transfer, bill payments, ecash payments, appointment scheduling and various other features.


  • Operates from internet service (Wi-Fi, Mobile Data – LTE, 3G, 2G etc.) in addition to existing SMS version.
  • Maps integration features - locate and navigate nearest bank branches, ATMs etc.
  • Account/s related information 
  • Requests – Cheque book and statement
  • Fund transfer  - Intra-bank and inter-bank (All member banks)
  • QR Code Payment
  • Alerts and notifications – Banking transactions and other activities
  • Utility payments 
  • Banking information
  • More personalized setting features
  • 2 Factor Authentication for secure transactions  

Transaction Limit for Sanima Mobile Banking

Local Currency

Mobile Banking (TXN Limit)



Daily TXN


Monthly TXN


Interbank Transactions and charges

Transaction Range

Transfer Fees

NPR 100 to NPR 1,000

NPR 10

NPR 1,001 to NPR 10,000

NPR 20

NPR 10,001 to NPR 20,000

NPR 30

NPR 20,001 to NPR 25,000

NPR 40

(eg. If you transfer between Rs. 1001 to Rs. 10,000, you will be charged Rs. 20)

Mobile Banking Support Team*

Helpline Group

Contact Number

Call Centre


(Hotline Number)


(NTC Toll Free)


(NCELL Toll Free)

Digital Banking Service

(Other Numbers)


(New Product Related)


(ATM and POS related)


(ATM and POS related)

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