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  • Premier Insurance Company Ltd
  • Nepal Insurance Company Ltd
  • Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd
  • United Insurance Company (Nepal) Ltd
  • Prudential Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Sagarmatha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • NLG Insurance Company Ltd
  • Everest Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Lumbini General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Himalayan General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • IME General Insurance Limited
  • Prabhu Insurance Company
  • Neco Insurance Company
  • Rastriya Beema Sansthan  
  • General Insurance Company Nepal Limited(GIC)
  • Oriental Insurance Nepal

Non-Life Insurance covers:

  • House: household, rental, commercial and under construction, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, explosion, riot strike damage/malicious damage, terrorism activities
  • Vehicle:  accidental, loss, theft, third party liability, driver passenger helper ( in case of Commercial Vehicle), riot strike damage/malicious damage, terrorism activities
  • Stock: fire, earthquake, burglary, flood, landslide, explosion, riot strike damage/malicious damage, terrorism activities
  • Marine: Institute war clause, Strike, Riot, Civil Commotions clauses, theft and non delivery clause, terrorism etc.
  • Health Insurance / Medical Insurance /Travel Insurance etc

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